Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm So Disappointed: Looks Like the Geico Caveman Show is Going to Suck

Not that I should be surprised, but during my regular tour of Mark Lisanti's brilliant today, I saw something that...well, that made me a bit bummed, actually - even though I was laughing my ass off reading about it because they are so funny - including the commenters (bastards! Lisanti! I want to be a commenter!)

As some or most of you may know, the enjoyable and sometimes downright hilarious Geico caveman commercials had been signed on to do a 1/2 hour pilot for a series. Most people in their right minds would figure that this would probably not even last a season, but because the commercials are so adorable (I enjoy them almost more than 90% of the fucking programming on tv) most of us cheered them on, hoping that they could at least get their network groove on for a round or two of viable 22 minutes of programming fame.

According to today, some reviews have come in, and the show just totally and completely sucks. Apparently getting stuck in an elevator listening to a bad version of "Girl From Ipanema" for two hours in 100 degree heat is preferable.

Eh, fuck it. It's probably still better than half the shit out there. I say: just make sure you drink the bottle of wine before you watch. Then it will totally rock. That is, if it ever makes it to the screen.


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