Thursday, June 22, 2006

If You Dig Poetry...

...And are willing to take a chance, please look over yonder on the right under "Shameless Self-Promotion" and there you will see a link for "The Billychic Files: Poetry n' Such".

If you'd be interested in reading some of my poetry, I'll buy you a stick of bubblegum.

I promise.

As a whole it's a pretty decent collection. It's only been written over the past three or four years. I have a bunch of other stuff that I used to do about 12 years ago at poetry readings in St. Louis and other places, and I suppose I need to add that as well...Some of the stuff is posted in the archives over at my MySpace blog.

Anyhoo, get a gander, and I'll buy you a stick of gum. Or a beer. Or your very own piñata party complete with adult party favors and naked twister.

Dammit, just get in there.


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