Thursday, June 22, 2006

Song of the Day: Johnny Pisano - Sam's Song

Johnny Pisano - Sam's Song
from the album Johnny Pie

Check out his website at MySpace:

Sam's song was written for his 16-year-old niece on her birthday.

I went to see the The Niagaras the other night with Rosie, and this cat was just going nuts on the bass. Nuts. And he was also incredibly hot. Absolutely adorable. It was awesome.

And it gets better...

He was having so much fun! The whole band was having a blast, and were incredible (I think I hear the strains of another Song of the Day on the horizon) but Johnny was like this imp on the bass, his hands grooving out all over the place, a big grin on his face like a kid at christmas.

Later, talking to him he mentioned his site...and upon inspection, I found the Mssr. Pisano has played/sang with everyone from Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen to Marky Ramone and Jesse Malin.

Check him out. It's worth it.

Check out some pictures that I took on Rosie's camera from the show at Aspie Goddess.


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