Monday, November 01, 2004

To vote or not to vote, that is a question...

whether tis' nobler to vote for some schmuck just so I can get the other schmuck out of office;
or to pick my tits up by my bootstraps and pass on the lever;
whether I should for the sake of mankind put one putz into office
or oriffice, whichever,
to remove another, remains to be seen.
I cannot.

Although I think that we need to get Dubya Doo Wrong 'Cause He Can't Spell Right outta office, I can't justify voting for that lying sorry sack of shit Kerry Oh Very, either. They both suck. And that's what sucks about this whole thing: the fact that those are our two contestants in this fucking game/horror show/circus act.
Green Party? I'd vote for them, only if the green they were talking about was something I could smoke. Nader would do more good as an MC at a drag show than a fucking presidential candidate. His idea of Utopia has nothing to do with reality, sadly. Nice guy, would like to vote for him...but I don't even have the heart to do that.
If they put Homer Simpson (who, by the way, was voted in Britain as the best candidate for our country, those naughty Brits...hehe) or Alfred E. Newman on the ballot, I'll get my fat ass out of the chair for that.
If only.


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